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THREADS: 5 Things You Should Know About It!

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July 13, 2023
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Exciting News, Social Media Enthusiast! Introducing Threads, the latest social media app from Meta, seamlessly connected to Instagram. Joining Threads is a breeze! Simply sign up using your existing Instagram account and instantly follow all your favorite Instagrammers. 

What sets Threads apart is its focus on text-based content, offering you a whole new dimension of communication. Engage in meaningful conversations with your current followers and build your online community like never before! 

With this groundbreaking feature, Threads challenges the status quo, traditionally dominated by Twitter. Could it be a game-changer?

Here are 5 things you should know about Threads:

1. The hype is real! 

Threads, the latest release from Meta, is taking the social media world by storm! With 10 million sign-ups in just 7 hours, it's no surprise Threads soared to the top of the App Store charts. 

2. Giants joining the Threads!

Joining the Threads revolution are entertainment giants like Netflix, Marvel, and Amazon. Tech powerhouses Microsoft and consumer brands Ford, Toyota, and Honda are also on board! Celebrities galore! From Jennifer Lopez to Kim Kardashian and Stephen Curry, the biggest stars are embracing Threads' innovative platform.

3. User Concerns Alert!

Meta's policy on deleting Threads accounts has raised eyebrows. Deleting your Threads account means bidding farewell to your Instagram account too, as they are intertwined. But fear not! You can opt to deactivate your Threads account while keeping your beloved Instagram active!

4. Clash of Titans!

Mark Zuckerberg's Threads app emerges as a new challenger to Twitter's reign, stirring up a social media showdown! But wait, the drama intensifies as Elon Musk contemplates legal action, alleging infringement on their intellectual property rights! Brace yourselves for an epic battle of innovation and legal battles! Who will emerge victorious? Stay tuned!

5. Waiting game!

The ClickBoss ads team is buzzing with anticipation, ready to conquer Threads, the hottest social media platform of the moment! But hold on! Mark's got us on the edge of our seats, as Threads ads are yet to be unleashed. When will Threads be open for business? The wait is real!


If you're a social media influencer or a CEO, Threads is your gateway to expanding your community, boosting brand recognition, and gaining valuable insights from real people!

Unleash your curiosity, dive into the app, and unlock a world of endless possibilities! Explore Threads today!

Apreal Chae
Marketing Associate

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