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Experience the Cheesy Delight: Subway Introduces A.I.-Powered Campaign in UAE, KSA, and Kuwait

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July 25, 2023
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Subway has launched a special campaign in the UAE, KSA, and Kuwait for their new extra cheesy SubMelts, using the magic of A.I. technology and a touch of nostalgia.

To bring back happy memories, the Subway organized a special taste test as they invited six people from the region to try their new SubMelts. As they savored each bite, they were asked to share their thoughts in detail - from the first bite to the stretchy cheese and the last delicious mouthful. The results were fantastic, as each person remembered the good old times of enjoying their favorite cheesy sandwiches.

The SubMelts were created with the region's love for extra cheese in mind. The sandwiches reminded them of joyful times, like breakfasts with family during childhood, post-game rituals with siblings, and other happy moments. 

Subway's tech team recorded every detail shared by the contestants. They used the latest A.I. imaging machine called Midjourney, which turned their descriptions into unique A.I. portraits. These portraits combined their first impressions of the SubMelt with their cherished memories.

Subway is famous for letting you create your own subs just the way you like them. But now, they've come up with something special called SubMelts, which are four delicious builds made by experts, perfect for cheese lovers like you! 

To introduce the new SubMelts in a big way, Subway teamed up with a well-known 3D production company called Vertex. Together, they created a cool video where hot and cheesy SubMelts fly across the city skyline with the help of drones. It's an epic sight as the melting cheese stretches and dances in the sky. This exciting video is sure to make you want to try these mouthwatering SubMelts!

To make the SubMelts even more special and nostalgic, Subway joined hands with Cinema Akil, the first independent cinema in the GCC known for its classic theater style. They are giving away free SubMelts to the guests, so they can enjoy them while watching their favorite feel-good movies. It's a perfect way to add comfort and joy to the movie-watching experience!


With its innovative use of A.I. technology and a touch of nostalgia, Subway's SubMelts campaign successfully appealed to cheese lovers and evoked warm memories, making it an enticing and unforgettable offering for its customers in UAE, KSA and Kuwait! Subway has taken customization to a new level, offering cheese lovers a delightful and memorable sandwich experience that they won't forget!

Apreal Chae
Marketing Associate

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