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Adasat: Scaling From $2K to $30K In 1-Year

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March 1, 2023
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Discovery Call

The Brand

Adasat became a boss of the eyewear industry by creating digital experiences and dynamic campaigns that featured text, video, and photo ads on Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Snapchat Ads, and Google ads- resulting in an impressive 6.6-point spike of ad recall!

Adasat: Scaling From $2K to $30K In 1-Year

The Story

For nearly a decade, Adasat has been at the forefront of eyewear fashion with savvy designs that have earned them accolades and recognition as pioneers in the industry. They continue to wow us with their forward-thinking solutions that are always on trend!

Adasat has been reinventing eyewear trends for over seven years, making them a prestigious powerhouse in the industry. 

The Solution

Together with Adasat, we elevated their eyewear game through cutting-edge e-commerce ads. By utilizing technology, we enabled customers to have a virtual try-on experience, showcasing Adasat's unique and stylish eyewear.

We went all in on target advertising and audience analysis to reach the freshest demographic - those interested in eyewear, mainly 25 and above. To see the impact of these sick ads on brand recognition and purchase intent, Clickboss did a thorough brand study, no holds barred.

The Results: 

A Winning Strategy for Adasat and ClickBoss

Adasat and Clickboss shook the e-comm industry this year when their partnership made waves. Utilizing state-of-the art technology, they skyrocketed Adasat's brand metrics from July 19 to September 7 of 2022. 

  • 6.6-point  surge in ad recall, demonstrating the powerful impact of our cutting-edge ads!
  • 4.2-point impressive bounce in message agreement with Catalog ads, proving the impact of our creative approach!
  • 3.5-point yield in consumer action intent, making it a highly successful venture!

This dynamic duo forged a winning approach that has left competitors in awe!

ClickBoss brought our eyewear game to the next level with their cutting-edge e-comm ads. Thanks to their tech-savvy team, we were able to showcase our one-of-a-kind eyewear with a virtual try-on experience. We highly recommend their services!
Apreal Chae
Marketing Associate

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