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Paws & Claws: 0 to 50+ customers in 3 months

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March 18, 2021
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The Brand

Paws and Claws, a state-of-the-art animal clinic and pet food shop, has been on a mission to provide top-notch veterinary care and high-quality pet food to their furry clients. Thanks to their partnership with ClickBoss, Paws and Claws has been able to expand their reach and grow their customer base to 50+ in just three months.

Paws & Claws: 0 to 50+ customers in 3 months

The Story

Paws and Claws' unique offering, with European doctors and top-of-the-line pet food, has made them a popular choice among pet owners. With a goal to expand their reach and grow their business, Paws and Claws sought the help of ClickBoss, an AI-driven digital agency that specializes in digital advertising and digital experience.

The Solution

Clickboss helped Paws and Claws with their digital marketing needs, providing Facebook Ads growth services and a digital experience tailored specifically to their target audience. With their data-driven approach, ClickBoss was able to create targeted advertising and digital experiences that resonated with Paws and Claws' customers.

The Results: 

Paws and Claws x ClickBoss: A Match Made in Growth Heaven

Thanks to the partnership between Paws and Claws and ClickBoss, Paws and Claws saw tremendous growth in just three months. They were able to attract 50+ new customers to their animal clinic and pet food shop, thanks in part to the digital marketing efforts of ClickBoss. The data-driven approach that ClickBoss brought to the table allowed them to create advertising and digital experiences that were specifically tailored to Paws and Claws' target audience. This, combined with the state-of-the-art animal clinic and top-quality pet food that Paws and Claws provides, has led to increased customer retention and growth for Paws and Claws.

Paws and Claws has been taking the pet care industry by storm! They went from a small start-up to a booming business with 50+ monthly customers in just three months. A huge shoutout to their squad, ClickBoss, who brought their A-game with Facebook ads and a stellar digital experience for Paws and Claws' customers.

Apreal Chae
Marketing Associate

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